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A OEM customer from Facebook-1 - Case

A OEM customer from Facebook-1

876 Published by at November 29,2019

We have promote our products on facebook sice last year, lots of customer know us there including this customer-Philip.

One man from this company contacted my manager first in Feb., somehow my manager didn’t reply their quotation. Until April, they contacted me on our website and we started to contact via email.

At first I received an inquiry which contains over 100 values. At that time I thought did he just want my price instead of giving orders. I send them quotation anyway. After few hours I receive their email said Received your quotations for general purpose capacitor will check & revert to you soon. I have also attached the list of Snap-in type Capacitors please quote for them too. There was another capacitor inquiry. I was shocked but I send them quotation soon. In the next two weeks, I got few more inquires and one feedback-few are suitable and few are on higher side. I was happy that we were heading to a right way. But I have more more quotation to offer.

In the next month, they kept asking for quotation of some values, in the meantime, we negotiate the price of E-cap. We revised the price for EXW RMB, RMB with tax, FOB USD. We still have a agreement about the price and stuck until mid of June. Their boss visited our office in shenzhen, we talked about the price again and found that there are still some problem about it. I discussed with my manager and sent them our final FOB shenzhen price after their boss left. I heard from them on 11th and there is a PO attached. After we contacted over 3 months, I got their PO finally. This is just a beginning.

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