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Core Point of View: Customer Complaints --YTF Capacitor - Case

Core Point of View: Customer Complaints --YTF Capacitor

770 Published by at October 14,2019


This is Selina from Shenzhen Jinmao Yuan Techology Co.,Ltd, which specialize in this field for more than 10 years.

Our products cover electrolytic capacitor, high, middle electrolytic capacitor, and so on.

And then we are happy to share you our company deal with customer complanit.

Core point of view: customer complaints show the company's weaknesses, in addition to solving problems at any time, more importantly, not to allow similar mistakes to happen again.

The process of handling customer complaints is divided into the following steps.

First step, listen to the other person complaining. Sales staff should not argue with customers and listen to customers' complaints in a sincere way.

The second step is to analyze the reasons. After listening to customers' complaints, salesmen must calmly analyze the causes of events and not expand events. An inexperienced salesman tends to make a rash decision, or even make things worse by saying unnecessary things.

The third step, find out the solution. The salesperson must first calm down whether he can handle the matter and whether the company can solve it. If it is outside its authority, it should be transferred to other departments immediately.

The fourth step is to convey the solution to the customer. As for the solution of the problem, the salesperson should let the customer know as soon as possible. Of course, before the customer understands this plan, the salesman must take some time to explain and persuade them, in order to gain the customer's understanding and trust.

The fifth step is to deal with it as soon as possible. After the customer agrees to the solution, the salesperson should proceed with it as soon as possible. If handled too slowly, it will not only have no effect, but may further aggravate the problem.

The sixth step is to review the results. To avoid similar incidents happening again, salespeople must analyze causes, reflect mistakes and learn lessons. Make the customer complaint of the same quality to the lowest.


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