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Customer Case - Prateek - Clients

Customer Case - Prateek

1040 Published by at April 08,2018

Prateek, the first time I know him is on Alibaba website. He sent me an inquiry on Alibaba about MOV on 1st Nov. 2017.  I replied him with my price and product in the inquiry but he never checked even till now. I thought he is another 'Never check quotation' man but he added me on wechat later. 

At the beginning, he directly asked me price for bulk quantity like 5KKpcs. Of course I gave him the price but I did doubt the quantity at that time. He asked for some samples so I gave the contact infomation of my another MOV customer in Mumbai. But my customer refused to offer sample quantity so that this way can not worked. We kept chatting and he asked for datasheet; test report and certification too. In the meantime, we also deal with the sample problems. At last, I sent 50pcs free samples for each models to Prateek on 1st Dec. 2017.

In December, our conversation is basically about price, datasheet, certification. In fact, I felt annoying for his lots of demands but I still gave what he needs after complain to my colleagues. After nearly 1-month bargaining, he accepted my price. And I finally got his PO at the beginning of January and his full payment about 18000USD before production.

He went to our exhibition from 7th Feb.-9th Feb. 2018 in India. He has talked to my manager that he want to be an agent of our products in India.

Customer Case - Prateek

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