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Svetla-manager of my customer

870 Published by at May 31,2019

There is a person I need to mention before we talk about Svetla. She's Nina, I knew her on alibaba.

I got her inquiry about some X2 capacitor on Dec. 2017 and I sent her quotation at once. Only after 2 days, I got her first order.

I really grateful for her trust who was strange to her. May be JMY is golden supplier on alibaba. 

Everytime she request quotation, she will make order in 5 days. We kept this mode for several month to May 2018. I said hi to her every few days, but no longer get her reply since then. I was worried at that time, because she wouldn't do something like this before. No matter how I contact her, still no answers. This situation continues until Feb. 2019. 

One day I got message on whatsapp from Svetla who is manager of Nina. And she told me that Nina is on maternity leave. I was so happy for her when I heard this. Svetla will take over Nina's work and continue to make order from me.

The first time I contact her, I feel she's toally different from Nina. Business with Svetla is different too. I need to start over with a new old customer. I am not used to this at all. But I have to continue our cooperation. We are getting more familiar now and she gave me 3 orders on March. 

Sometime we have to get used to something new. May be we will learn more when we did it.

Hope that Svetla won't 'disappear' some day like Nina did before. LOL...

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