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Technical requirements for automotive electronics for electronic components - Automotive Electronics

Technical requirements for automotive electronics for electronic components

1461 Published by at April 25,2019

Technical requirements for automotive electronics for electronic components

First of all, to introduce some requirements for automotive electronic components, some of the certification of the international automotive industry management system such as ISO/TS16949, is the component manufacturers must follow. Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is able to provide such a high technical support and has the certification of this product.

The second is the AEC-Q100 standard, which is mainly for electronic components, mainly some standards of IC and other components. In addition, it is the standard of some passive components of AEC-Q200, and the third EMI and one standard of EMC. And manufacturing CISPR is also a very popular industry standard. Our ISO/TS standards are being promoted in many factories and we have many basic requirements and specifications for passive components. We also meet some industry standards for CISPR12 and CISPR15. This is a typical example of automotive applications, the relationship between electronic components and electronic automotive applications. For tradition, I want to be closely related to the life of safe driving in such critical equipment, and must meet the electronic period of hybrid vehicle standards. In particular, the automotive components of the AEC-Q200, among other components such as comfort, theft, information, navigation and entertainment, etc., we believe that these devices have the same requirements for electronic devices and consumer electronics. Therefore, ordinary-level electronic devices should meet these application requirements. In this classification, some automotive electronic components that conform to the AEC-Q200 have higher reliability and performance than commercial-grade electronic vehicles. Compared with commercial electronic vehicles, our products will be better.

       The MLCC example has appeared using automotive grade multilayer ceramic capacitors, in accordance with the AEC-Q200 variety, GCM series. We also have some applications for electronic cars at the level of GRM. First of all, we recommend customers to choose the automotive GCM series, or commercial GRM series capacitors. Like our MLCC or GCM, or a device suitable for our application in GRM. This is the difference seen in the AEC-Q200 test. GCM was originally developed by the American Electronic Automobile Industry Association. The requirements for selection are now made by many automotive electronics customers in the US and Europe. And many of our customers have come up with such requirements for AEC-Q200, high temperature testing, and longer temperature cycling. Longer humidity compliance, ESD requirements, and greater bending strength experiments are all required. In order to meet these high requirements, we have adopted different rules and engineering controls for capacitors, and to achieve our products can meet the requirements of AEC-Q200.

I will simply show you that our range of HEV/EV products, some high-energy passive electronic components, such as large-scale ceramic capacitors and thermal resistors, have many electronically controlled components for this system. To support these electronic control systems with different solutions, this is a demonstration of the hybrid car structure. Today I want to briefly introduce three electronic system components to provide solutions, blue basket power system assembly is a stop control system, light blue is a hybrid power system, then purple is the source of the battery, simply say DC-DC converter, this typical DC-DC conversion mine, we can also provide products such as GCM/GCJ, which has many features, low loss, high precision, and can even withstand high temperatures of 105 degrees.

       While the rapid development of automotive electronics, we should also consider a long-term security issue, so it is especially important to choose a good supplier of electronic components. Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive product integrating production and sales. Capacitor factory, after 13 years of development, the company now has a complete and perfect quality inspection mechanism to ensure that each capacitor is a good product. Welcome customers to come to consult.

Technical requirements for automotive electronics for electronic components

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