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The medical industry's demand model for electronic components has changed - Medical Equipment

The medical industry's demand model for electronic components has changed

1234 Published by at April 25,2019

The medical industry's demand model for electronic components has changed

Lead: Medical electronics is one of the important application areas of electronic components. In recent years, the sales of China's medical electronics market has increased year by year, and it is likely to maintain a sustained growth trend in the future. In addition, with the upgrade of medical electronic technology, the requirements for electronic component suppliers have only required the supply of devices, and the need to provide technical solutions and production integration products, which means that now it is not only but only components, but Suppliers of components also have higher requirements. Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye is a professional capacitor factory with a complete set of processes from development to manufacturing.

With the increasing proportion of medical devices in people's daily health care applications, while products are continuously reducing costs, the most noteworthy requirements are humanization requirements such as safety, reliability, and ease of use. At the same time, patient data is extremely private and must be secured. On the other hand, diagnostic accuracy directly affects device diagnostic results, which is also the focus of future product design concerns.

       In terms of intelligence, medical electronic products integrate more and more functions, such as monitoring, monitoring, imaging, communication and other functions in one monitoring device, practical and easy to operate. In addition, there are more and more products for targeted research and development of common diseases in the region, patient specific conditions and payment levels of medical institutions. The specific performance is that products of the same function will be recombined according to the specific conditions of different regions and different medical institutions, and the price will be adjusted to better meet the actual needs of different purchasers. 

    At present, domestic medical electronics companies are mainly divided into two categories. One is a large medical electronics company. These enterprises are mainly oriented to the medical and medical electronics market. They generally have their core competitiveness technologies and related products. The current development direction is more toward the development of high-end medical electronic equipment and the construction of the overall medical electronic system. Domestic medical resources are still in a state of shortage as a whole, and the import of medical equipment is huge. Therefore, with the development of the market and the substitution of localization, such enterprises have a lot of room for continuous growth, and the most commonly used components of medical equipment are: Electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, two or three tubes, integrated ICs, etc., the quality requirements of the components are relatively high.

        In addition, it is a small and medium-sized enterprise that focuses on home medical electronics and portable, wearable health monitoring equipment. Most of these enterprise products are manufactured by OEM, mainly relying on big data, cloud computing and other means, mainly focusing on peripheral medical services such as health monitoring and medical record management. Due to the low barriers to competition in such enterprises and the large number of market participants, it takes a long time to accumulate to form certain barriers to competition. The added value of services is not high. At present, most of them are still in the stage of relying on financing to expand the market and accumulate users. Some of these small medical equipment companies have gradually withdrawn from the domestic market due to some quality problems caused by the failure of electronic components.

      In 2017, the market for low-end medical electronic equipment is highly competitive. First, due to the increasing R&D and manufacturing level of high-end medical electronic equipment in China, competition with foreign brands has intensified, and the high-end medical electronics market, which was originally saturated, has been severely squeezed. Medical electronics giants such as Siemens, GE and Philips have launched low-to-medium End medical electronic equipment; Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. sells and produces electronic components that meet the national quality standards, and also provide components for many high-end medical equipment. Among the components supplied, 5000 hours of electrolytic capacitors and 8,000 hours of electrolytic capacitors are the most popular, and more manufacturers are expected to join.

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