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10d471k varistor parameters and effect - News

10d471k varistor parameters and effect

665 Published by at December 18,2019

Piezoresistor is an essential component in the power supply system. It has fast response speed, strong surge absorption capacity and good surge prevention effect.

Piezoresistor 10D471K

  1. Size: 10MM;   
  2. Maximum sustainable working voltage: ac and dc: Vac (v) 300, Vdc (v) 385;   

 3. Maximum surge capacity: 2500A;Varistor 14D471K parameters:Model: GVR14D471   

 Material: zinc oxide

Manufacturing process: ceramic insulation power type

Appearance: disc-shaped

Allowable deviation: ± 10%

Rated power: 0.4 (W)

Power characteristics: low power

Frequency characteristics: low frequency


What is the use of a piezoresistor?The biggest characteristic of the piezoreductor is that when the voltage applied to it is lower than its threshold "UN", the current flowing through it is very small, equivalent to a closed valve. When the voltage exceeds UN, the current flowing through it surges, equivalent to the valve opening.Using this function, the abnormal overvoltage which often appears in the circuit can be suppressed to protect the circuit from the damage of overvoltage.Now we domestic color television, for example, the power supply circuit is used in the zinc oxide varistor, used here piezoresistive pressure sensitive voltage is 470 v, when the maximum transient surge voltage (RMS) of more than 470 v, varistor is reflected his clamping characteristics, the high voltage, low level after circuit in a safe working range.

  1. Functions and applications of varistorsVaristors are widely used in household appliances and other electronic products. They are used for over voltage protection, lightning protection, surge current suppression, peak pulse absorption, amplitude limiting, high voltage arc suppression, noise elimination, semiconductor components protection, etc.
  2. 10 k471 parameters10: the resistance size of the resistance is 10 ohms

K: the resistance error range is from -10% to +10%471: ex-factory model

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