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A secret to say about electrolytic capacitors(1) - News

A secret to say about electrolytic capacitors(1)

647 Published by at December 16,2019

A secret to say about electrolytic capacitors1


Capacitors as electrical and electronic components are very familiar to us electricians. Power capacitors in reactive power compensation, filter capacitors in the DC main circuit of the inverter, and capacitors with various shapes on various electronic circuit boards are also Or the CBB capacitor in the electric fan in our life, etc., you always have contact.

There are many types of capacitors. Today, I will focus on the electrolytic capacitors with the widest range of applications and the most versatile uses. Electrolytic capacitors are currently divided into two categories, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors, of which aluminum electrolytic capacitors are the most common. The biggest difference between electrolytic capacitors and other types of capacitors is that-electrolytic capacitors have a polarity of +,-. It must be noted in the use of DC circuits. Once the polarity is exploded, it is inevitable! In addition, electrolytic capacitors do not appear in AC circuits.


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