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Application selection of conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors - News

Application selection of conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors

713 Published by at December 11,2019

1.Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

▲Advantages:Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the obvious advantages of easy to obtain large capacity, high withstand voltage, and low price. It is commonly used in the input and output filter circuits of power supplies.

▲Disadvantages:Afraid of high temperatures. Because the electrolyte of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is liquid, heating the core or high ambient temperature will cause the electrolyte to volatilize, and the long-term high temperature will cause the electrolyte to dry out and fail.

400v47uf  electrolytic capacitor

2. Application precautions of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in power circuit

▲Prevents halogen corrosion

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are very sensitive to chlorine and bromine. If halogen-containing fluxes, cleaning agents, fixatives, fumigants are used, the halide may penetrate the inside of the capacitor through the sealing plug, which easily causes the capacitor anode corrosion. Acceleration capacitor fails after power on. Therefore, the halogen components of related sensitive preparations used in the production process must be strictly controlled.

▲Control and periodic activation of the storage environment

It is necessary to control the storage environment and time of electrolytic capacitors, and to periodically power on.

▲Reasonably arrange the components on the PCB to keep the aluminum electrolytic capacitors away from heat sources

▲Select solid capacitors based on product characteristics

For example, in the application of low voltage and high current output, aluminum solid capacitors are used. Aluminum solid capacitors 680uf solid electrolytic capacitorhave extremely low ESR and high ripple current capability, which is very suitable for rectification and filtering of low voltage and large current.

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