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Brief introduction to the basic knowledge of Ceramic Capacitor! - News

Brief introduction to the basic knowledge of Ceramic Capacitor!

984 Published by at May 21,2018

The ceramic capacitor list is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, a layer of metal film coated on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode. It is usually used in high stable oscillation circuits as loop, bypass capacitors and padding capacitors.

Application : High stable oscillation circuit

Application : Loop, bypass capacitor and pad capacitor

Classification : Two kinds of high-frequency ceramic dielectric and low-frequency porcelain dielectric

1kv 222 ceramic capacitor

Ceramic capacitors are divided into high-frequency ceramic dielectric and low-frequency ceramic dielectric two. A capacitor with a small positive capacitance temperature coefficient is used in a highly stable oscillation circuit as a loop capacitor and a padding capacitor. Low-frequency ceramic capacitors are limited to bypass or DC blocking in circuits with low operating frequencies, or where high stability and loss are not required (including high frequencies). Such capacitors are not suitable for use in pulsed circuits because they are susceptible to breakdown by a pulsed voltage.

MLCC (1) - Miniaturization, high frequency, ultra-low loss, low ESR, high stability, high pressure, high insulation, high reliability, non-polarity, low capacitance, low cost, high temperature resistance. Mainly used in high Frequency circuit.

MLCC (2 types) - miniaturization, high specific volume, medium and high voltage, non-polarity, high reliability, high temperature resistance, low ESR, low cost. Mainly used for blocking, coupling, bypassing and filtering in medium and low frequency circuits Capacitor use.

3 kinds of ceramic capacitor

High-voltage ceramic capacitor is a ceramic material with a circular plate capacitor. In the “ceramic” capacitor, DC50v is generally called low voltage, DC100V~500V is high voltage, DC1000v~6000v is high voltage, and safety Y capacitor is also high voltage. Above DC6000v is ultra high pressure.

The high-voltage ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of wear-resisting DC high voltage, and is suitable for high-voltage bypass and coupling circuits. Among them, low-loss high-voltage discs have low dielectric loss, and are particularly suitable for use in television receivers and scanning circuits.


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