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Ceramic capacitor function and its advantages and disadvantages - News

Ceramic capacitor function and its advantages and disadvantages

1602 Published by baiila at November 21,2019

The ceramic capacitor is a capacitor made of a ceramic material as a medium, coated with a metal film on the surface of the ceramic, and then sintered at a high temperature as an electrode, which is also called a ceramic capacitor. It is a high voltage ceramic capacitor and a low voltage ceramic capacitor. As an electronic component, it has already appeared in various electronic products and is widely used.

The high-frequency characteristics of the ceramic capacitor are relatively good, and generally play a role of coupling, filtering, untwisting, and oscillating in the circuit. The tiles are used in high-stability oscillation circuits as loop capacitors and pad capacitors. Low-frequency ceramic capacitors are limited to bypass or DC-blocking in circuits with lower operating frequencies, or high-frequency applications where stability and loss are not critical. Such capacitors are not suitable for use in pulse circuits because they are susceptible to breakdown by pulse voltages. High-voltage ceramic capacitors used in high-power and high-voltage fields are required to have small size, high withstand voltage and good frequency characteristics.


The ceramic capacitor is mainly for high frequency, and the high voltage ceramic capacitor depends on the occasion you use it. The most typical function is to eliminate high frequency interference.

Ceramic capacitor advantages:

1. High-voltage ceramic capacitor capacity loss has high stability with temperature frequency.

2. The high voltage ceramic capacitor special series structure is suitable for high voltage and long-term operational reliability.

3. High-voltage ceramic capacitor high current climbing rate and suitable for high-current loop non-inductive structure.

The ability of different capacitors to store charge is also different. The amount of charge stored when a capacitor is applied with a 1 volt DC voltage is referred to as the capacitance of the capacitor.

Disadvantages: small capacity

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