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Chinese Market News Of Capacitor And Resistor You Should Know

983 Published by at April 20,2018

As we all know, the resistance acts as a voltage divider in the series circuit and acts as a shunt in the shunt resistor. The electrolytic capacitor usually serves as a power supply filter, decoupling, signal coupling, and time constant setting in the power supply circuit or intermediate and low frequency circuits. DC and other effects.

Therefore, resistors and capacitors are indispensable electronic components for LED power supply.

At the beginning of 2018, the LED industry began to behave as "uneasy." When the person in the industry planned for 2018, electronic components such as resistors and capacitors took the "first shot" in the LED industry in 2018.

In the overall cost of the power supply, the resistors account for only about 3% of the total. However, the capacitance accounts for 10% of the material cost. This year's increase has exceeded 100%, which is equal to a direct reduction of 10% in power supply gross margin, so the material cost pressure is big.

electrolytic capacitor ytfOn December 26th, 2017, the resistor giant announced the general thick film resistor product (RC series) with dimensions from 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 to 1206, and large size thick film resistor products (RC series) with dimensions from 1210, 1218, 2010 to 2512 stop orders. The opinion of the industry believes that the action of the Chinese giant's suspension of orders is the same as the production capacity entering the “ration” state. The extension of product delivery is unavoidable, and the price increase is even more striking.

On January 2, Taiwan Resistance factory revamped some of its series of resistance products, with an increase of 15%.

On January 9th, Li Zhi also sent a notification of product price adjustments to customers.

On January 10, Yageo Company announced the announcement of the SMD resistor price adjustment announcement.

On the other hand, since 2017, the environmental storms that have swept across the country have forced many manufacturing companies to be forced to close down or limit production or restrict production, thereby causing tight supply capacity.

Affected by environmental protection policies and forced to increase prices not just resistance, aluminum electrolytic capacitors also have a trend of rising prices recently.

ceramic capacitor ytfOn January 10, Nichicon Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced the price increase announcement for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. According to the announcement, the global demand for electronic components has been restored from 2017. Since raw material suppliers including aluminum, have already announced price increases, Nichicon has not been able to absorb all the price increases despite the many measures it has taken.

The price increase products are mainly through hole-type,snap-in type,and screw -type aluminum electrolytic capacitors of all types. In fact, the main concerns are the strict control of environmental protection, the closure of small and medium- sized raw material companies, and the partial reorganization of large manufacturers, resulting in strained raw materials.

SMD resistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors and other components of the successive price increases, really affect a lot of power companies, "nerve", especially indoor small and medium-power power companies.

As the popularity of LED lighting, LED small and medium power supplies for indoor functional lighting have achieved considerable development in the early stages. However, with the increasing number of companies entering the market, the competition in the small and medium power supply market is fierce.

Today, raw material prices and labor costs continue to rise, and a number of small-scale power companies have failed to support and collapse. Under the extremely fierce competition in the LED lighting industry, the rising prices of resistance materials and other raw materials have brought even more severe challenges to power companies.

And we Jinmao Yuan as a domestic electrolytic capacitor manufacturer, has our own independent brand YTF, behind us is a large number of LED lighting and power industry customers, as a long-term cooperation and development, in the face of a new round of price increases, We will also make better solutions with our customers to achieve better cooperation.

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