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Development History Of Electronic Components 2 - News

Development History Of Electronic Components 2

57 Published by Selina Jiang at October 23,2020

Development History Of Electronic Components 2

The electronic components industry, which emerged and developed rapidly in the 20th century, has radically changed the work and living habits of the entire world and people. The development history of electronic components is actually the development history of the electronics industry.

In 1906, American De Forest invented the vacuum triode, which was used to amplify the sound current of the telephone. Since then, people are eagerly looking forward to the birth of a solid device that can be used as an amplifier and electronic switch with light weight, low price and long life. In 1947, the birth of point-contact germanium transistors opened a new page in the history of electronic devices. However, this point-contact type transistor has the fatal weakness of unstable contact points in structure. At the same time as the successful development of point-contact transistors, the theory of junction transistors has been proposed, but until people can prepare ultra-high-purity single crystals and can arbitrarily control the conductivity type of the crystals, junction transistor materials have truly emerged. In 1950, the earliest germanium alloy transistor with useful value was born. In 1954, the junction silicon transistor was born. After that, people put forward the idea of field effect transistor.

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