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Environmental reasons directly affect the life of the SMD capacitor - News

Environmental reasons directly affect the life of the SMD capacitor

770 Published by at November 15,2019

Excessive voltage and inrush current are harmful to the SMD capacitor. For example, in some areas, the voltage is unstable, too high or too low, which has an effect on the SMD capacitor. Therefore, when selecting a  SMD capacitor, the voltage should be increased to 0.45KV, such as the original 0.4KV voltage, so that the life of the  SMD capacitor can be used. Unstable current damage to the  SMD  capacitor. Therefore, for some companies that have equipment such as driving, equipment or frequent starting, it is recommended to use impact-resistant SMD capacitors.

For enterprises that operate electrical equipment, when selecting the SMD capacitor, they should explain it to the capacitor manufacturer to facilitate the manufacturer to provide the SMD capacitor according to the user's situation. Therefore, when selecting the SMD capacitor, the enterprise should purchase the corresponding SMD capacitor for the environment, voltage, current and other conditions, which can not only save the life of the capacitor, but also save money and provide economic benefits.

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