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Features and advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors - News

Features and advantages of solid electrolytic capacitors

670 Published by at November 27,2019

Capacitor is a kind of container used to store electricity. It is also a common electronic part in electronic products, electronic equipment and electronic instruments. The function of the capacitor is to store charge and short circuit. Capacitors are widely used in electronic products and circuit boards. However, with long-term use, it is found that electrolytic capacitors have great problems and many failures. New solid capacitors have gradually replaced electrolytic capacitors and are used in electronic products. Nowadays, solid capacitor applications are very common and there are not many problems.

Features of solid capacitors:

1) High stability of solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors can continue to work stably in high temperature environments. At the same time, due to their stable impedance over a wide temperature range, they are suitable for power supply filtering. It can effectively provide stable and abundant power, which is especially important in overclocking. Solid capacitors can still work normally in high temperature environments, maintaining various electrical properties. Its capacitance does not change more than 15% in the whole temperature range, which is obviously better than liquid electrolytic capacitors. At the same time, the capacitance of the solid electrolytic capacitor is basically independent of its operating voltage, so as to ensure its stable operation in a voltage fluctuation environment.

2Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a long life

Solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have extremely long service life (service life exceeds 50 years). Compared with liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it can be counted as a "long-life hundred years". It will not be broken down, and there is no need to worry about the liquid electrolyte drying up and leakage to affect the stability of the motherboard. Because there are no problems with liquid electrolytes, solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors make the motherboard more stable and reliable.

Solid electrolytes will not evaporate and expand, or even burn, like liquid electrolytes in high heat environments. Even if the temperature of the capacitor exceeds its tolerance limit, the solid electrolyte is only melted, which will not cause the capacitor's metal shell to burst, which is very safe.

3) Low ESR and high rated ripple current

ESR (EquivalentSeriesResistance) refers to the series equivalent resistance, which is a very important indicator of capacitance. The lower the ESR, the faster the capacitor can be charged and discharged. This performance directly affects the regression performance of the microprocessor's power supply circuit. The advantages of the low ESR characteristics of solid electrolytic capacitors in high-frequency circuits are more obvious. It can be said that the low ESR characteristic at high frequencies is a watershed in the difference in performance between solid

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