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How To Deal With The Failure Of Parallel Capacitors? - News

How To Deal With The Failure Of Parallel Capacitors?

339 Published by at March 31,2021

(1) When the leakage or oil leakage of the capacitor shell is not serious, rust, welding and painting can be carried out at the leakage or leakage of the shell.

(2) The outer code of the capacitor radiator should be replaced if it expands.

(3) If the room temperature is too high, the ventilation conditions should be improved; if the capacitor temperature rises too high due to other reasons, the cause should be found out and dealt with; if the problem of the capacitor itself, the capacitor should be replaced with hard work.

(4) The capacitor should be checked and cleaned regularly.

(5) If the capacitor has abnormal sound, please pay attention to it. In severe cases, stop its operation immediately and replace it.

(6) If the capacitor explodes, it should be replaced in time.


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