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[Industry Dynamics] High-end sports cars are in love with super capacitors, which could drive the entire passenger car market. - News

[Industry Dynamics] High-end sports cars are in love with super capacitors, which could drive the entire passenger car market.

1127 Published by Global Economic Net at May 04,2018

Guide: Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and other sports car companies have announced that they will focus on high-energy storage technologies such as supercapacitors for new models. With the development of electrochemical basic material science, the super capacitor will have high energy density while maintaining the original high power density, which will provide strong power and acceleration for the automobile.

In the last two years , top - level sports car manufacturers frequently issue R & D news for new concept models based on super - capacitor energy storage . Rolls - Royce signed a partnership agreement with British technology companies to explore the potential to develop new generation of high - energy storage technologies using new hydrophilic polymers . The latter is working to commercialize new polymer superdielectric applications , and is trying to commercialize it for super - capacitor electrolyte materials and electrical energy storage .

Analysts point out that top sports car companies are paying unprecedented attention to the development of energy storage devices such as super capacitors, and the heat has even surpassed the trend of conventional batteries. Although Tesla CEO's claim that lithium is over, super capacitors are too extreme, it also reflects the popularity of super capacitors in passenger cars around the world.

Prior to this, the main commercial applications of super capacitors in passenger cars were hybrid braking energy recovery, such as Mazda Atez's use of i-Eloop braking energy recovery systems based on super capacitor storage. The kinetic energy generated when the vehicle decelerates is converted into electric power for air conditioning, sound and other on-board electrical equipment to reduce fuel consumption during frequent acceleration and braking. The technology, derived from Toyota Le Mans LMP1, uses "super capacitors" to quickly charge large amounts of power and to store energy for long periods of time. In the refit market, super capacitors are often used in car sound, When starting or vehicle voltage fluctuation, a certain compensation, so that the speaker will not be affected.

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