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[Industry Dynamics] High-end sports cars are in love with super capacitors, which could drive the entire passenger car market. (II) - News

[Industry Dynamics] High-end sports cars are in love with super capacitors, which could drive the entire passenger car market. (II)

1098 Published by at May 07,2018

In recent years, super capacitors have been paid more and more attention to by supercar companies. They are related to the inherent high power discharge characteristics of super capacitors, as well as to the current breakthrough in the research and development of new electrochemical materials. The synergy of the two makes the commercialization of super capacitors with both high energy density and high power density possible.

High power density. The internal resistance of supercapacitor is very small, and the charge can be stored and released quickly in the electrode / solution interface and electrode material body, so its output power is as high as several kW / kg, which is unparalleled by any chemical power supply. Tens of times the average battery.

The breakthrough of capacitive material technology. The successful development and application of new graphene materials, carbon nanostructured composite electrode materials and various new water / organic electrolyte materials can not only maintain the advantages of rapid charge and discharge of supercapacitors, but also improve the storage capacity.

During this period, the transformation and innovation of the super capacitor enterprises themselves are also indispensable: foreign super capacitor companies have developed super capacitor batteries exclusively for use in automobiles, and Star Technology, a leading super electric power enterprise, has also initiated initial communication with a domestic brand of passenger cars. Provide energy storage support for the research model. In this way, will the high-energy capacitance still be far away?

The development of capacitors is getting faster and faster, the technology is more and more advanced, at the same time, the requirements for the enterprises themselves are also getting higher and higher. This is not only a historic breakthrough in the development of enterprises, but also the trend of the development of the times. As our Jinmao Yuan should hold fast to the track of development, do a good job of products to achieve greater progress!

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