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Is this the long-life electrolytic capacitor you want?

1138 Published by Ellie at June 09,2018

Are you still worrying about the short life of electrolytic capacitors? Are you still wrestling with the troubles caused by replacing electrolytic capacitors? Do you have a headache for not finding a good electrolytic capacitor? Yes, the life span of many products in the market is generally 2000-3000 hours, so you have to store more products as an inventory backup. These problems have been bothering you and you have to pay attention.

 68UF 400V 5000h Electrolytic Capacitor          68UF 400V 5000h Electrolytic Capacitor

In order to solve this problem, Our technical department specifically set up researchers to study how to extend the life of the capacitor, so that it can work more effectively. With their efforts, the long life capacitors of 5,000 hours and 8000 hours were developed. It can resist the higher temperature test and can be used for outdoor led lighting. This can well meet the needs of users, while reducing the inconvenience of replacing the capacitors and giving users a better experience.
We will also upload links to new products in the coming month. If you do not understand us, you can take a sample test and use the data to verify the quality of our products. And we will provide 400v electrolytic capacitor products, including 4.7uf, 6.8uf, 10uf, 22uf and 68uf. 

68UF 400V 5000h Electrolytic Capacitor         68UF 400V 5000h Electrolytic Capacitor

Such a good product is here, so what are you waiting for?

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