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MF72 Power NTC Thermistor funtion - News

MF72 Power NTC Thermistor funtion

677 Published by at November 27,2019

The main characteristics of the thermistor are: ① high sensitivity, its resistance temperature coefficient is 10 to 100 times greater than metal; ② wide operating temperature range, normal temperature devices are suitable for -55 ℃ ~ 315 ℃, high temperature devices are suitable for higher 315 ℃ (currently up to 2000 ℃) low temperature device is suitable for -273 ℃ ~ 55 ℃; ③ small size, can measure the temperature of voids, cavities and blood vessels in the living body that cannot be measured by other thermometers; Randomly select between 0.1 ~ 100kΩ; ⑤ Easy to be processed into complex shapes, can be mass-produced; ⑥ Good stability and strong overload capacity

Due to the unique performance of the semiconductor thermistor, it can be used not only as a measuring element (such as measuring temperature, flow, level, etc.), but also as a controlling element (such as a thermal switch, current limiter) and circuit compensation element. Thermistors are widely used in various fields such as household appliances, power industry, communications, military science, and aerospace, and the development prospect is extremely broad.

NTC (Negative Temperature Coeff1Cient) refers to the thermistor phenomenon and material with a negative temperature coefficient that decreases exponentially with temperature. Its measurement range is generally -10 to + 300 ° C, and it can also be -200 to + 10 ° C.

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