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Matters needing attention in the use of inductors - News

Matters needing attention in the use of inductors

72 Published by icy at August 04,2022

1 When using an inductor
Wet and dry, ambient temperature, high-frequency or low-frequency environment, whether the inductor should be inductive or impedance characteristics, etc., should be paid attention to.

2 Frequency characteristics of inductors
At low frequencies, inductors generally exhibit inductive characteristics, which only store energy and filter high frequencies.
But at high frequencies, its impedance characteristics are obvious. There are phenomena such as energy consumption and heating, and the reduction of perceptual effects. Different inductors have different high frequency characteristics.

3 The maximum current that the inductor is designed to withstand, and the corresponding heat generation.

4 When using the magnetic ring, check the above magnetic ring part to find the corresponding L value and the corresponding use range of the material.

5 Pay attention to the wire (enameled wire, yarn package or bare wire), commonly used enameled wire. To find the most suitable thread warp.

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