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Overseas Leaders Announced Price Increase, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Price Stay High(1) - News

Overseas Leaders Announced Price Increase, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Price Stay High(1)

1218 Published by at May 30,2018

In the past year, passive components price have continued to increase substantially, with no sign of stopping. Instead, they have increased the price from the initial ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to resistors to now aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

After Ai Hua, the leading domestic aluminum electrolytic capacitor company, announced a price increase at the end of April, several major Japanese manufacturers, Rubycon and Taiwanese company CapXon Electronics, have also issued price increases.

1. Increase margin for Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Rubycon said that the price of materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors has risen, especially for aluminum ingots, and China's environmental protection policy has reduced the supply of raw materials. Rubycon has been doing their best to absorb the pressure of rising costs, making price adjustments finally without any choice. It is expected that the price will be adjusted from June 1, 2018.

The CapXon Electronics Shenzhen Company stated that due to the country's control and environmental protection policies, the raw material prices have fluctuated greatly. Compared with the same period of last year, the overall material cost and production cost have risen by nearly 30%, which exceeds our company. It will be forced to increase tax excluded unit price by 10%.

The market price fluctuations of aluminum materials and environmental protection policies have had a major impact on aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers. The rise in raw material prices has already exerted pressure on manufacturers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. If the situation continues, it will not rule out the further impact on manufacturers and even prices of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

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