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Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (III) - News

Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (III)

1074 Published by Ellie at July 26,2018

Yesterday we shared the initial production process of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and continue to share the following steps today.

Step 5: winding of electrolytic paper.

The electrolyte in the capacitor is not directly filled into the capacitor and soaked in the aluminum foil in liquid state. Instead, the electrolytic paper adsorbed the electrolyte is laminated with the aluminum foil. There are some differences between electrolytic paper and ordinary paper. They are microporous, and the appearance of paper is not as good as impurity. Otherwise, the composition and performance of electrolyte will be affected. This step is to attach the electrolytic paper without the electrolyte adsorbed to the aluminum foil, and then roll it into the capacitor shell to form a "101010" partition state between the aluminum foil and the electrolytic paper.

Step 6: impregnation of electrolyte.

When the paper is wound, the electrolyte is filled in and impregnated into the paper. With the innovation of electrolyte formulation and the promotion of electrolytic paper manufacturing skills, the ESR value of aluminum electrolyte capacitance has been gradually promoted, resulting in more than one percent of the former.

Step 7: assemble.

This step is to assemble the aluminum shell on the surface of the capacitor and connect it to the outer lead, which by now is fundamentally shaped.

Step 8: roll the edges.

If the "prepuce" capacitance, it is necessary to cover the capacitor surface with PVC film on the capacitor aluminum shell surface. However, the capacity of PVC membrane has been less and less, mainly because of the raw material and diverging the trend of environmental protection, but not much related to the performance of the film.

Step 9: combinatorial assembly

Now you can see the final product appearance. It is like this.

aluminum electrolytic capacitors products

Do you think this is over? No, no, it's worse than the last two steps.

Step 10: charge, aging test.

Aging is the last step in capacitor production, in which a DC voltage greater than the rated voltage but less than the formed voltage is applied. It is usually done at the rated temperature of the capacitance (and possibly at other temperatures or even at room temperature), a process that can repair defects in the oxide film, and aging is a good means of screening early failed capacitors. Low initial leakage current is a sign of effective aging.

Step 11: parameter review.

The discharge review is the measurement of capacitors plus DC voltage [this voltage capacitance body hose is marked by voltage, which is also called work Voleage (work voltage), which is the size of the DC current it passes through. The smaller the flow value, the better. Capacity Review: capacity Review (CAP), the objective of the review is to test whether its value is below or below the allowable deviation.

3DF Review: temperature 25 ℃ frequency 120HZ, non-polarity usually 1KHZ (test condition). Briefly comment: capacitor naturally occurs in the electronic loop a loss factor, escape and loss in Chinese meaning is not good, It is used to use the diagonal function to find out the value of DF, which is commonly used in the Taixi region, the corner is expressed as a percentage "%" tan δ is used in the Ridang region, it is expressed in a small number of points, and the meaning of the two words is the same. The smaller the value, the better. The capacitor should discharge before testing the capacity DF, in order to meet the voltage inflow (incoming) instrument of the capacitor itself. And destroy the instrument.

External review: that is, the beauty appreciation of the outside shape of the capacitor (beauty pageant), it must depend on our vision to judge good or not. It turns out that in every manufacturing process ahead of us, we all know what is good or what is bad, when it should be expunged. But to guard against undetected bad products, some still need to review the outside, just in case.

With these functions completed, we will put aluminum electrolytic capacitor products on the market. Do you think it is incredible? Yes, we always adhere to the principle of quality first and you can choose us with confidence.

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