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Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (I) - News

Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (I)

1172 Published by network at June 26,2018

Compared with other capacitors, such as thin film capacitors, tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the advantages of large capacity, high voltage resistance and high performance-to-price ratio. By 2018, the global demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors will reach 4.893 billion yuan.

Aluminum electrolysis is the most common partner in PCBA machining, but do you know how it is produced and processed?

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors main raw materials: anode foil, cathode foil, electrolytic paper, electrolyte, guide foil, tape, cover plate, aluminum shell, Hua Si, casing, gasket, etc.

Electrolytic capacitance diagram

Production procedures: cutting, winding, immersion, assembly, aging, sealing, printing, casing, measurement, packaging, inspection, etc.

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