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Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (II) - News

Production Process Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (II)

1079 Published by network at June 28,2018

In the previous chapter, we mentioned that aluminum electrolytic capacitor production processes include: cutting, winding, soaking, assembly, aging, sealing, printing, casing, measuring, packaging, inspection, etc. Today, we will carefully study his production process.

Step 1: the decay of aluminum foil.

If you take apart the shell of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor, you'll see how many layers of aluminum foil and how many layers of electrolytic paper, aluminum foil and electrolytic paper are attached together and wound into a cylindrical structure. In this way, there is a layer of electrolytic paper adsorbing electrolyte in the middle of every two layers of aluminum foil.

The key to the manufacture of aluminum foil. In order to increase the war area of aluminum foil and electrolyte, the appearance of aluminum foil in capacitor is not smooth, but the appearance of aluminum foil is formed rugged and unbending by the method of electrochemical corruption. The process of electrochemical decay is complex, which involves the type, concentration, appearance state of aluminum foil, rate of decay, dynamic equalization of voltage and so on.

Step 2: oxide film formation process.

After the aluminum foil is decomposed by electrolysis, it is necessary to oxidize the appearance of aluminum foil into aluminum trioxide, which is the medium of aluminum electrolytic capacior. After oxidation, carefully review the appearance of aluminum trioxide to see if there may be freckles that may crack and remove the inadequate grid.

Step 3: aluminum foil cutting.

This measure is simple and clear. It is necessary to cut a whole piece of aluminum foil into small pieces so that it is properly capacitive.

Step 4: the riveting of the lead.

The external pin of the capacitor is not connected directly to the inside of the capacitor, but is connected to the inside of the capacitor through the inner lead. Therefore, in this step, it is necessary to properly link the inner lead of anode and cathode with the external lead of capacitor through ultrasonic bond. Copper plated iron wires may be used to reduce resistance, while inner leads are directly connected to aluminum foil. Public attention to these small measures without a fault of fine processing is very high.

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