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About the Super Capacitor feature - News

About the Super Capacitor feature

684 Published by at November 13,2019

In the electronic component classification, the super capacitor is positioned just between the capacitor and the battery. A single supercapacitor can store much more energy than a conventional capacitor using a solid state dielectric. But its storage capacity lags behind the battery. However, when supercapacitors can store enough energy for the application, they can take advantage of a variety of advantages, including instantaneous turn-on, fast charging, and do not require too complicated charging circuits.

For electronic design engineers,other important features of supercapacitors include:High energy density and long cycle life.These advantages are very obvious compared to batteries.

super capacitor 16v83F

These features can meet many new application requirements. The energy requirements of these new applications are different from those of mobile phones. In these applications, the use of super capacitors can extend battery life. Super capacitors even replace conventional capacitors and batteries in many mature applications.

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