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The characteristics of NTC/SMD - News

The characteristics of NTC/SMD

664 Published by at December 09,2019

1.SMD linear thermistor characteristics:

·small volume

No leads, suitable for high-density surface mount

· Excellent solderability and thermal shock resistance

Suitable for wave soldering and reflow soldering

2.NTC chip linear thermistor uses:

Temperature compensation for semiconductor ceramic capacitors, liquid crystal displays, transistors, and quartz oscillators for mobile communications equipment

Temperature detection of rechargeable batteries

· Temperature detection by computer microprocessor

Various circuits requiring temperature compensation

Product Features

According with RoHS standard

Miniature and light weight

Suit for reflow and wave flow solder

Stable electrical capability,high reliability

Low assembly cost,suit for automaTIc SMT


Superior mechanical and frequency characterisTIcs

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