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The role of X2 safety capacitors - News

The role of X2 safety capacitors

669 Published by at December 16,2019

1. The most conventional role of X2 safety capacitors is to resist electromagnetic interference. They are generally connected in series between the neutral and live wires, and are suitable for high frequency, DC, AC, coupling, and jumper pulse circuits.

X2 safety capacitors characteristics are: can withstand the impact of overpressure; has excellent flame retardancy and moisture resistance; wrapped with PBT UL94V-0 grade plastic shell, flame retardant UL94V-0 epoxy resin () encapsulation and filling .

Its structure is: a metallized polypropylene film is wound, and a zinc-aluminum alloy (ratio: 60:10) is sprayed on the end surface to ensure a reliable CP line welding reliability and overcurrent capability. The thickness of the tin wire of the CP wire used for X2 safety capacitors is ≥8u, and the conductivity is ≥20%.

X2 safety capacitors 0.1uf

2. The second role of X2 safety capacitor is resistance-capacitance step-down.

X2 safety capacitors Features are: small size suitable for high-density component circuit boards; small high-frequency loss, can withstand AC surge surges, strong overcurrent capability; special zinc-aluminum ratio; detailed manufacturing process combined with independent design; small capacity attenuation (Long-term application of 250VAC, 50HZ, the capacity attenuation is less than 5% per year) long service life; the appearance consistency of the package using PBT material shell is good; fire rating B grade; temperature resistance 110 ℃.

3. The third function of X2 safety capacitor is that it can be used in parallel and used as a DC filter. The shortcomings of traditional film capacitors are (easy to catch fire and burn; short life; irregular dimensions; envelopes are easy to crack).

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