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The role of super capacitor - News

The role of super capacitor

847 Published by at November 23,2019

It is a new energy storage device with high power density, short charging time, long service life, good temperature characteristics, energy saving and environmental protection. Supercapacitors are widely used.

Automotive rectifier product features:

1 boost power and save fuel

2 improve the sound quality, improve the light

3 reduce emissions, energy saving and environmental protection

4 quick installation, car-specific

A power capacitor is a reactive power compensation device. Power system loads and power supply equipment such as motors, transformers, transformers, etc., in addition to consuming active power, also "absorb" reactive power. If these reactive power are supplied by the generator, it will affect its active output, which is not only uneconomical, but also causes the voltage quality to be inferior and affects the user's use.

1. Increase engine power and make throttle response more brisk and sensitive

2. Improve the phenomenon of braking in low-end driving, making shifting smoother

3. Improve ignition efficiency and make fuel burn more fully

4. Evenly providing power to the spark plugs of each cylinder makes the engine work more smoothly

5. Reduce the phenomenon of idle jitter, making it smoother

6. Reduce clutter interference and improve the sound quality of car audio system

7. Protect battery and original vehicle electrical circuit systems, reduce their load and extend service life

8. Shorten car engine start-up time



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