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The structure and characteristics of ceramic capacitors - News

The structure and characteristics of ceramic capacitors

704 Published by baiila at November 20,2019

Ceramic dielectric capacitors can be divided into low voltage, low power and high voltage and high power. In low voltage and low power, they can be divided into type I (CC type) and type II (type CT).

Type I (CC type) is characterized by small size, low loss, high capacitance to frequency and temperature stability, and is commonly used in high frequency circuits.

Type II (CT type) is characterized by small size, large loss, poor capacitance to temperature and stability, and is often used in low frequency circuits.

The ceramic material used as the dielectric capacitor medium is made by sintering various materials at different temperatures according to different formulations. The formula of Tao Cheng material is different, and its electrical properties are not the same. With this, capacitors with different dielectric constants and different temperature coefficients can be fabricated to meet different application requirements.

Ceramic capacitors have the following characteristics:

1. Since the dielectric material of the capacitor is Tawan, the heat resistance is good and it is not easy to age.

2. Porcelain capacitors are resistant to corrosion by acids, alkalis and salts, and have good corrosion resistance.

3. The low frequency ceramic material has a large dielectric constant, and thus the low frequency ceramic capacitor has a small volume and a large capacity.

4. Good insulation performance, can be made into high voltage capacitors.

5. The relationship between the loss tangent of the high-frequency ceramic material and the frequency is small, so a high-frequency capacitor can be selected in the high-frequency circuit.

6. The price is cheap, the raw materials are abundant, and it is suitable for mass production.

7. The capacitance of the capacitor is small and the mechanical strength is low.


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