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Travel Notes-Jinmaoyaun Team Building Activities - News

Travel Notes-Jinmaoyaun Team Building Activities

965 Published by Ellie at August 30,2018

Friday, 13 July 2018

Working together over the past two months, we have achieved our goals and achieved good results, so we have won an award for traveling-we decided to have a weekend party to relax ourselves..

In the busy work, we ushered in the weekend small vacation, choose a relatively close scenic spot as our tourist destination-Dapeng ancient city scenic spot. He is a small town by the sea, with traditional wall buildings, and many modern leisure business districts, which are suitable for weekends to relax.

First day

We drove to our accommodation and it was almost 5 pm. Full of surprises, beautiful environment, lovely room, as well as cool sea breeze with drizzle, feel very relaxed.

After a short break, we started our first activity, yes, we started cooking-barbecue. Very much looking forward to, we prepared a wealth of food ingredients, some are preparing barbecue materials, some colleagues are preparing barbecue equipment, some colleagues are waiting, busy dinner time came.


The colleague who will barbecue will make delicious things for us, while roasting and eating, and we are also playing interesting games. Next to the delicious food that the boss has made for us, everyone is very happy and rare to relax.

Next to the new colleague made for us cumin baked wings, very delicious, her skill is very good.

After dinner, we took a break, some stayed in the room, they played games, others took advantage of the night to take a walk on the beach, the seaside was quiet and the wind was light. The sparkling lights made the beach particularly beautiful.

The next day

We came to the beach, and today's weather is exceptionally welcoming and suitable for taking pictures.

Such fine weather must not be without the game, haha, the boss with us to play the game.

A big loving family!——We are Jinmaoyuan

Then we came to the ancient city, very simple building, the atmosphere of commercialization is very strong.

After visiting the ancient city, I ended my journey with a seafood dinner. Tired and happy holiday!

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