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Types and specifications of inductors (Part 2) - News

Types and specifications of inductors (Part 2)

73 Published by icy at August 04,2022

1. Plug-in magnetic beads inductance
Specifications: RH3.5

2. Color ring inductance
Inductance: 0.1uH~22MH
Size: 0204, 0307, 0410, 0512
Shape inductance: 0.1uH~22MH
Size: 0405, 0606, 0607, 0909, 0910
Accuracy: J=±5% K=±10% M=±20%
Accuracy: J=±5% K=±10% M=±20%
The color ring inductance reading method of the plug-in: the marking of the same color ring resistance

3. Vertical inductor
Inductance: 0.1uH~3MH
Specifications: PK0455/PK0608/PK0810/PK0912

4. Axial filter inductor
Specifications: LGC0410/LGC0513/LGC0616/LGC1019
Inductance: 0.1uH-10mH.
Rated current: 65mA~10A.
The Q value is high, the price is generally low, and the self-resonant frequency is high.

5. Magnetic ring inductance
Specifications: TC3026/TC3726/TC4426/TC5026
Size (unit mm): 3.25~15.88

6. Air Core Inductors

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