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What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Housing Resistors? - News

What Are The Characteristics Of Aluminum Housing Resistors?

85 Published by at October 26,2020

The main physical feature of the aluminum shell resistor is to transform electrical energy into heat energy. It can also be said that the aluminum shell resistor is an energy-consuming element, and the current passes through it to generate internal energy. Resistors usually play a role in dividing voltage and current in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through resistors.


So what are its characteristics?

1. Universal application: Aluminum housing resistors are commonly used in high-demand electrical circuits such as power supplies, inverters, elevators, cranes, ships, servos, stage audio and CNC equipment, and can work in harsh industrial control environments for a long time.

2. High-quality product and elegant shape: The metal shell of the aluminum shell resistor is cut from high-grade aluminum alloy materials, and the product is advanced; after electroplating is solved, the oxidation resistance is strong and the shape is elegant.

3. Small size and high power: Because the aluminum shell has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and strong overload ability, it can achieve the dual consequences of small size and high power, thereby effectively saving installation space.


4. Convenient device: multiple wiring methods (lead type for low power, conductive row or lead type for high power) for easy installation.

5. High safety: It adopts flame-retardant inorganic material and aluminum shell integrated package, which has good shock resistance, good insulation and high safety.

6. Good heat dissipation: The metal aluminum shell has heat dissipation grooves on the surface, which has good heat dissipation performance and is suitable for heat dissipation plate devices.

7. High precision and small error: tolerance scale can be controlled between ±1%~±10%; ship-shaped aluminum shell resistance.

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