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What Is The Phenomenon Of a Broken Thermistor? - News

What Is The Phenomenon Of a Broken Thermistor?

254 Published by at May 31,2021

NTC thermistors are widely used in various fields, such as our common temperature measurement and control, temperature compensation. When the NTC thermistor fails, how will it behave? How can we quickly judge the NTC thermistor failure. May wish to get to know the editor.


The performance of NTC thermistor failure is divided into these three types:

NTC thermistor short circuit:

In the NTC circuit, when the loop current is higher than the value, or the rated power is higher than the large resistance for a long time, the temperature of the thermistor will be higher than the set value. So when the current starts, the thermistor will show a fairly low resistance, and then the thermistor will be burned, resulting in a short circuit or an open circuit.

NTC thermistor cracking:

When the current starts to operate, it may cause instantaneous large energy to be loaded into the thermistor. If the product is defective during production, the NTC may not be able to withstand it and then be damaged. In general, the NTC will show a higher resistance or directly crack .

NTC thermistor resistance deviation:

NTC thermistor is a semiconductor element sensitive to heat. If IR reflow and rework exceed a certain temperature and time, the thermistor is also easy to be damaged, causing the resistance to shift. Under this fault, the resistance of NTC may become larger or smaller.

Use a multimeter to quickly judge the quality of the thermistor:

Select the appropriate resistance gear for the multimeter, touch the two ends of the thermistor respectively, pinch the thermistor with your hands or heat it by other methods. If the resistance changes linearly, it proves to be good. If there is no change, The description has expired.

If a damaged thermistor is found during use, you should stop using it to avoid damage to other capacitors. You can choose to replace the thermistor of the same model. If you dont understand, you can also consult a regular manufacturer.

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