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What is NTC thermistor - News

What is NTC thermistor

728 Published by baiila at December 05,2019

The resistance of ordinary resistors is little affected by temperature changes, but the thermistors are completely different. Its resistance changes with temperature. It is a component that uses temperature to control the resistance

Thermistor types: positive temperature coefficient (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient (NTC). The resistance of PTC thermistor increases with increasing temperature, and the resistance of NTC thermistor decreases with increasing temperature. NTC thermistors are the most widely used.


main feature

It has high temperature sensitivity, small thermal inertia, long life, small size, simple structure, and can be made into a variety of different shape structures. Therefore, with the development of industrial and agricultural production and the development of science and technology, such components have been widely used, such as temperature measurement, temperature control, temperature compensation, liquid level measurement, barometric pressure measurement, fire alarm, meteorological sounding, switch circuits, Load protection, ripple voltage suppression, time delay, stable amplitude, automatic gain adjustment, microwave and laser power measurement, etc.

With the development of modern military technology, especially space technology, in addition to high reliability, long life, ultra-high temperature and ultra-low temperature, thermistors also require more sensitive, non-refrigerated, high-performance radiant power. Thermal device.


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