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What is the difference between safety capacitors and cbb capacitors - News

What is the difference between safety capacitors and cbb capacitors

1096 Published by baiila at November 29,2019

cbb capacitor

Main features: similar to polyphenylene but with small volume and slightly poor stability

Applications: Replace most polyphenyl or mica capacitors for more demanding circuits


No polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric loss. Based on the above advantages, film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. Especially in the part where the signal is connected, a capacitor with good frequency characteristics and extremely low dielectric loss must be used to ensure that the signal does not cause too much distortion during transmission. The dielectric constant is high, the volume is small, the capacity is large, and the stability is relatively good. It is suitable as a bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitors have low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance, but they have large temperature coefficients and can be used in high-frequency circuits.

Safety capacitor

Safety capacitors are safety capacitors that do not cause an electric shock and do not endanger personal safety if the capacitor fails. Safety capacitors are usually only used for filtering in anti-interference circuits. They are used in power filters to play a role in power supply filtering, and to filter common mode and differential mode interference respectively.

The difference between safety capacitors and CBB capacitors

In more demanding circuits, CBB capacitors replace common polystyrene or mica capacitors. This is mainly because CBB capacitors have an advantage in volume compared to polystyrene capacitors, and can achieve the same performance with a smaller size. But in the use of CBB capacitors, there will also be application scenarios of MPK capacitors.

Difference in performance

The main difference between safety capacitors and CBB22 capacitors lies in the way of encapsulation. The box structure of safety capacitors has relatively better flame retardancy and tightness. However, the current CBB22 is basically impregnated, and the problem of tightness is solved. CBB22 series of internal electrical performance structure Some manufacturers use aluminum film production, some use zinc aluminum film production. Adopting zinc-aluminum film production has almost the same electrical performance as safety capacitors. It is characterized by strong ability to withstand DC voltage. The characteristics of aluminum film structure products are that the loss is smaller than that of zinc aluminum film, and it can withstand high-frequency AC withstand voltage.

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