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Will the CBB capacitor not fail? - News

Will the CBB capacitor not fail?

738 Published by at November 23,2019

CBB capacitors are non-polar, have high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and low dielectric losses. Based on the above advantages, the film capacitor is used in a large amount on an analog circuit. In particular, in the part where the signal is connected, it is necessary to use a capacitor having a good frequency characteristic and a very low dielectric loss to ensure that the signal is transmitted without excessive distortion. The dielectric constant is high, the volume is small, the capacity is large, the stability is better, and it is suitable as a bypass capacitor. Polystyrene film capacitors, low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, but high temperature coefficient, can be used in high frequency circuits.

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CBB capacitors, like other capacitors, may fail during use.Here will introduce some common causes and solutions for CBB capacitors .

1. The CBB capacitor is not sealed enough, and the water vapor enters to cause oxidation and the pressure drop is reduced.

Once there is a problem with the sealing of the capacitor, the withstand voltage of the capacitor must drop. This is a common problem of the capacitor. Of course, the CBB capacitor is also unavoidable.

2. Long-term instantaneous current is too large, the voltage is too high, internal discharge self-healing lead to capacity decline

Excessive current exceeds the inherent capacity range of CBB capacitor, resulting in internal damage. In this case, the internal discharge self-healing will lead to capacity reduction.

3. Long-term high-load work, evaporation of metal coating leads to capacity reduction.

CBB capacitors, like human beings, cannot be overloaded for a long time.  If the CBB capacitor is in a high-load working state for a long time, its interior will inevitably be damaged, especially the evaporation of the metal coating, which will lead to the continuous decrease of the capacity of the CBB capacitor.

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Of course, these problems can be avoided, mainly by the following methods:

1. Purchase brand capacitors

Brand capacitors are relatively more reliable in quality, and their sealing degree and other designs are strictly designed and checked. Generally, there will be no sealing degree problem.YTF CBB capacitors are worthy to trust.The after-sales service can be guaranteed.

2. Select the capacitor according to the working environment

If the capacitor is operated in an environment with long-term instantaneous excessive current, this factor must be taken into account when selecting the capacitor. For example, the safety capacitor X2 is generally nominal 275VAC, but in fact, 1KV is tolerable in instantaneous test.

3.Parallel reasonable varistor

A reasonable shunt varistor is used to prevent the impact voltage from being too high. It is said that this method is more effective and can reduce instantaneous current conditionally. Generally, series resistors are used within the allowable range.

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