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Aluminum Shell Resistance(2)--YTF Resistor - News

Aluminum Shell Resistance(2)--YTF Resistor

857 Published by at September 02,2019

Aluminum Shell Resistance2


Power supply, inverter, servo and high-demand harsh environment, long life. Resistance tolerances are 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 0.5%. High-power models can be assembled as needed. Special resistors can also be made according to customer requirements, and can be combined into high-power type or large-power type resistor boxes.

Aluminum shell resistor manufacturers square wire wound resistors (winding resistors), commonly known as cement electrical group, use nickel, chrome, alloy resistance wires in alkaline heat-resistant porcelain pieces, iron and other resistance, external heat, humidity , no corrosion and protective materials, ceramic packaging again, especially non-flame cement packing. The difference in wire-wound resistance from non-combustible coatings is only that the outer coating is now silicone or non-combustible. Their advantages are resistance accuracy, low noise, good heat dissipation, and high power consumption, mainly used for the power level of the amplifier. The disadvantage is that the resistance is not large and the cost is high, but it is not suitable for using the inductor in the high frequency circuit.

The role of aluminum in the aluminum shell resistance is to cool, and the aluminum metal in the aluminum shell resistance is a set of atoms formed with the lattice structure, each atom having an outer shell of one (or more) electronic components. In the case of electrons, an electron sea is formed from the attraction and flow of the core, so that the metal aluminum shell resistance can conduct electricity. When the potential difference (ie voltage) is applied to the ends of the metal, because of the electric field, the effect of the accelerated motion of the free electrons. However, when the free aluminum electrons collide with the crystal lattice, the kinetic energy will suffer losses. In order to release the energy, the form energy, the moving speed of the aluminum electrons, is the average drift velocity, the opposite direction and the electric field. Current can be generated due to drift motion. In reality, the material arrangement of atoms cannot be completely regular, so the way of electron flow will be arranged according to the law of atomic scattering, which is the source of electrical resistance of aluminum shell.

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