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YTF Safety X2 capacitor 275V 104K - News

YTF Safety X2 capacitor 275V 104K

933 Published by at November 25,2019

YTF Safety X2 capacitor 275V 104K

●Product Category: Safety X2 Capacitor

●Safety X2 capacitor 275V 104K features: 

1. metallized polypropylene film
2.can withstand overpressure
3. flame retardant resin (UL94V-0)
4. Passed CQC, VDE, ENEC, KTL, IEC-CB, UL, CUL safety certification standards

safety capacitor x2 275v104k

Safety X2 capacitor mainly application areas:
1.Mainly used for anti-interference occasions such as various power supply jumper lines.

2.Communication field: From the base station, switch to terminal, all the electronic circuits use safety capacitors. The most important market is mobile phone and network and peripheral products, such as mobile phone charger, switching power supply, LCD screen over-current protection.

3.Small appliances: Applications in this area are almost everywhere, such as microwave ovens, soya-bean milk makers, induction cookers, and more.

Compliance with ROHS directive
REACH directive
Bromine free

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