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The difference between ceramic capacitors and chip capacitors - News

The difference between ceramic capacitors and chip capacitors

976 Published by at November 26,2019

Ceramic capacitors are capacitors made of ceramic material as a dielectric, coated with a metal film on the surface, and then sintered at high temperature as an electrode. It is usually used in high-stability oscillation circuits as circuits, bypass capacitors, and pad capacitors. Advantages: stable, good insulation, high voltage resistance, disadvantages: relatively small capacity.
The method of identifying ceramic capacitors is basically the same as the method of identifying resistors. There are three methods: direct standard method, color standard method and digital standard method. The basic unit of capacitance is represented by Farad (F). Other units are: milli-farad (mF), micro-farad (μF), nano-farad (nF), pico-farad (pF).

Ceramic capacitors are disc capacitors with ceramic material as the medium. In "ceramic" capacitors, DC50v is generally called low voltage, DC100V ~ 500V is medium and high voltage, DC1000v ~ 6000v is high voltage, and safety Y capacitors are also high voltage. The above is high voltage. The high-voltage ceramic chip capacitor has the characteristics of wear-resistant DC high voltage, which is suitable for high-voltage bypass and coupling circuits. The low-loss high-voltage wafers have low dielectric loss and are particularly suitable for use in television and scanning circuits.


Chip capacitors are called: multilayer chip ceramic capacitors, also known as chip capacitors--MLCC. 

Chip capacitor classification: 1. npo capacitor 2. X7R capacitor 3. Z5U capacitor 4. Y5V capacitor.

Difference: The main difference between NPO, X7R, Z5U and Y5V is their different filling media. In the same volume, the capacitance of capacitors composed of different filling media is different, and the dielectric loss and capacity stability of the capacitors are different. Therefore, when using capacitors, different capacitors should be selected according to the role of the capacitors in the circuit.

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