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 Necessity Of The Long Life Performance Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - News

Necessity Of The Long Life Performance Of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

849 Published by Karen at June 11,2018

Nowadays global energy consumption continues increasing due to population growth and concentration into large cities especially in China and India. As the countermeasure of such energy consumption increase, the concepts of smart house, smart city, smart grid and etc. are started up among various business entities and also as nationwide projects. It is the worldwide shared recognition that one of the urgent tasks is global environmental and energy issues.

As means to achieve the prevention of global warming and energy saving, attention and expectation are paid toward LED (Light Emitting Diode). LED is now considered and adopted in many areas, and especially in the lighting industry, change from incandescent or fluorescent bulb to LED bulb is actively carried out as family actions to help prevention of warming, CO2 reduction and energy saving. The main features of LED lighting are energy saving and long life, so that those component parts to be used in LED lighting equipment are required to be designed as miniaturized and long life.

In the LED lighting equipment, Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors feature in wider operating temperature range, more miniaturized and larger capacitance values compared with other types of capacitors, but have a demerit of limited life time. Although Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mandatory in the LED lighting equipment, because of the limited life time, they are the determining factor of life performance of the equipment.Therefore, the widespread use of long-life capacitors is a popular trend in the future.

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