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100 emails order - Case

A customer from India, he sent me five inquiries that day. I looked at his customer's information and found that the customer sent more than 50 valid inquiries. It seems that many suppliers have inquired about the price. It seems that there is no hope. . But I still responded to the past seriously, and then he returned to tell me that he is interested in every model of our products, asking me to send a price list and product information to him, I replied to the mail But for a long time, the customer did not reply, after a week, the customer finally replied to me, looked at the product catalog I sent, sent me a lot of models, said to quote him, I replied to the past, the result is almost There was no news for half a month, but I gave him greetings every three to five days to see what the recent work was doing. He still didn’t reply. I was wondering if he was looking for other suppliers, not very Big hope.

Later, the miracle happened. He finally replied to me. He shared with me that he was going to another country to participate in the exhibition. After 10 days, he replied to me. After 10 days, I greeted him. No news. After a week, he replied. I said that everything went well. Now I want to purchase it. I will ask him to quote him again. After that, I talked a lot about the details of product confirmation. The customer decided to customize our products and said that I want to pay on Alibaba. Then I drafted the letter to He paid for it. After the payment, he asked another person in charge of product procurement design to confirm all the information links with me. In this way, there are about 100 emails, and the process is not easy. Finally, I take some photos for him, and I was ready to ship it to him. The whole process was a bit long. I was afraid of all kinds of information, payment, etc. from the confirmation of the product. Until now, the dust settled and I learned a lot of things. Exercised yourself. Although the first order was only a few thousand dollars, we have been working together until now.

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