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Cooperation and friendship coexist - Case

Cooperation and friendship coexist

865 Published by at October 14,2019


First of all, I want to introduce our team.

Beautiful supervisor, lively member, all post-90s.

Me, as a member, seeking customers online, facebook, instagram ect, becoming parts of my life.

I love meeting different people always find the beautiful things.

The first day i met Dilesh was on facebook on 30th May.

He asked about super capacitor after i posted snap-in capacitor 10000uf 100v .

As we are manufacturer and also cooperated with many factories, finally, i got what he wanted.

I found that, He is also a friend, We are similar in age.

We will talk about business and daily life.


Finally, he made the payment at the first day of July.

Just a sample purchase, but it means a lot. He trusts me as a friend also.


Hope our cooperation and friendship coexist!!

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