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The effect of super capacitor on the car - Case

The effect of super capacitor on the car

1090 Published by at October 14,2019


Super capacitors have been widely used in our life, especially on Car.

If it is connected in parallel with the battery to start, it can increase the starting effect, and at the same time,

the power quality of the electric appliance on the vehicle will be greatly improved.

For example, the start-up effect, sound effects, and other electrical equipment will be improved.

At the same time, the battery can be protected, and the large current is realized by the super capacitor,

and the battery maintains a small current discharge, which can prolong the life.


The best application of super-farad capacitors in automobiles is auxiliary batteries,

which are assembled into ultra-capacitor banks. The general voltage is 15V, which is connected in parallel with the battery.

It can provide the high current required for the start-up of the starter, which is beneficial to the start of the vehicle,

especially in winter is very effective.


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