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I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story(1)--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor - Case

I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story(1)--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor

852 Published by at October 14,2019

I And My A Customer's $30,000 Transaction Story(1)--YTF Electrolytic Capacitor

In early September 2018, I took over the follow-up records of A customers from another colleague, and it was common to contact customers at the very beginning. A customer sometimes looks at my circle of friends, gives me a comment or likes, I only send blessings to customers during the holiday season.

When I made the first order (about $1,000) with A customer, I made a lot of mistakes. For example, the goods were not in line with what the customer wanted, and the customer’s shipment was not sent to the customer due to the stocking period. The customer wants the product, the customer is very angry, and even called to scold me and ask for the correct goods.

When I communicated in the WeChat group, I felt that the lines in my words were very unprofessional. At that time, I had just been in contact with the business for less than three months. I was not completely familiar with the company's products, and the technical terms were also well understood. This incident has fully exposed my unprofessionalism, and the customer has not been very impressed with me.

After that, the customer came to the subway station near the company and sent the wrong goods to me. However, I was late when I went to get the customer goods, because I went to the wrong subway station, the customer waited for me for nearly an hour, and the customer was exhausted. When I rushed over, I apologize to the customer, indicating that this is my problem, and I am not familiar with the A subway station near the company. A customer told me the model of the product in a concise manner and told me to return it to him as soon as possible. He left Shenzhen the day after tomorrow, and I will give the correct goods to the customer before this. I promise the customer that I will give the goods to him before then. Finally, I delivered the goods on time, and the customer told me that the matter had passed.

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