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Electrolytic capacitor package - Case

Electrolytic capacitor package

822 Published by at October 14,2019

Electrolytic capacitor package

The package of the chip mainly includes: 0201 1/20W 0402 1/16W 0603 1/10W 0805 1/8W 1206 1/4W

The corresponding relationship between the capacitor size and the package is: 0402=1.0x0.5 0603=1.6x0.8 0805=2.0x1.2 1206=3.2x1.6 1210=3.2x2.5 1812=4.5x3.2 2225=5.6 X6.5

The size of the capacitor itself is independent of the package form and the package is related to the nominal power. Its length and width are generally expressed in millimeters. But the model is the representation of the inch used.

Choosing the right package depends on your PCB space. Is it possible to drop this device? In general, a large packaged device will be cheaper. A small package device may be expensive because of the higher processing progress. Then, the packaged large capacitor withstand voltage will have a higher withstand voltage than the package. These are all selected according to your actual needs. In addition, small package components will have higher placement requirements, such as the accuracy of SMT machines. Such as the circuit board inside the phone, because of limited space, low operating voltage, you can use 0402 resistors and capacitors, and large-capacity tantalum capacitors are mostly 3216 and other large packages

The size of the in-line passive device is generally larger than that of the chip type, and the in-line device needs to be punched in the PCB manufacturing process, and the soldering process is different from the patch type, which is troublesome, relatively speaking, the in-line resistor Capacitors are mostly for high power circuit applications.

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