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Elizabeth-friend from Colombia

1302 Published by at May 28,2019

Elizabeth comes from Colombia. I knew her from RFQ on Alibaba on May 2018.

We have cooperated for over a year, thanks for her trust.

She usually buy CBB capacitor from me, althought they aren't big orders, but she give me new orders basically every month.

Because of jet lag, we only have time to chat in the morning. Alought we don't have much time to talk, we confirm order at once every time, and the next morning, I will get her message saying that payment done. And I don't need to push her.

Most of the orders we can finish in 2-3 days.

Last month, I sent shipments to Colombia and DHL sent to a wrong place. Elizabeth is really nice and she didn't blame me at all. She did what DHL said and let me handle this problem with no stress. Even thought DHL takes weeks to solve it.

I am really happy that we have good relationship in business.

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