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Smart home opens new market for electronic components - Smart Home

Smart home opens new market for electronic components

1141 Published by at April 25,2019

Smart home opens new market for electronic components

These electronic components are indispensable on today's smart home circuit boards: integrated circuit modules, resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, LEDs, MOS tubes, etc. These components directly affect the service life of these products and the user's Experience, so compared to the previous procurement of components, it is now more necessary to have a one-stop capacitor factory. After decades of development, smart homes have finally reached the critical point of the explosion in the dual push of the Internet of Things and smart cities. It is expected that the proportion of smart homes that will be used in ordinary households in developed countries will increase exponentially in 2022, and a historic change will be triggered as the cost of sensing and communication functions in consumer products continues to decrease.

As the most basic component of smart home, electronic components will play an absolute "promoter" role in this revolution. A foreign survey shows that in 2015, the international market share of electronic components reached 50%, and the Chinese market could reach 70%. Smart homes will become the next “trillion-level” market for electronic components. How to catch this "trillion-class" ride has become an issue for electronic distributors.

Diversified demand promotes multiple marketing models

Smart home, as the name suggests, is a residential platform, using facilities integrated with home life to build an efficient management system for residential facilities and family schedules, improving home safety, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and achieving environmental protection and energy conservation. Living Environment.

It can be said that smart home is the inevitable result of the development of the Internet of Things, and electronic components are the most necessary nodes for the preparation of this "net".

Electronic components are necessary nodes for smart homes

From integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, smart home system design, security technology to automatic control technology, audio and video technology, all electronic technologies and terminals associated with smart homes will constitute a huge information processing cluster, and in this cluster Perceptual transmission, data processing and other aspects will be widely applied to a large number of electronic components.

Imagine the following scenario: Someone sets the “Leave” button when going to work, the home lighting, air conditioning, floor heating and other functions are automatically turned off, the family enters the unmanned mode; when he is about to get off work, select through the mobile APP With the "go home" button, the function that has been turned off gradually recovered, and the home returned to the warm check-in mode.

These details need to be preset in the RF chip, and then the information is centrally collected by the relay device. Not only do these data need to be stored locally, but they will also be uploaded to the Internet, and the user will be tracked and pushed through the e-commerce platform to customize the information they may need.

In this process, the supplier of electronic components as a manufacturer of radio frequency chips should be the operator of the e-commerce platform. However, due to the current mainstream "outsourcing" business model, this electronic service system will eventually fall on selling these The chip is on the trading website.

 Outstanding distributors

Although the smart home shows the posture of the spark, in the actual operation, the longer design cycle is still a barrier that hinders its final landing. How to improve the research and development efficiency of engineers and provide them with convenient and fast channels will be the rules that must be observed in the development of smart homes. In this process, electronic component distributors are the best guarantee of this rule with multiple categories, low cost and high efficiency. Taking advantage of its own advantages and building a unique and comprehensive product camp and service system will bring non-negligible competitiveness to electronic component distributors.

    From sensor to wireless module, you need to be able to fully guarantee the engineer's "one-stop" shopping needs for smart home. In terms of services, it helps engineers to implement smart home ideas in an easier way and shorten the time from design to landing. The one-stop sourcing platform has become the first choice for smart home engineers to purchase components. It can quickly and easily match components. Shenzhen Jinmaoyuan Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with capacitors as the leading component and single development. It is a professional electrolytic capacitor factory that can bring a very good experience to customers.

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