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How To Install Aluminum Housing Resistors In General - News

How To Install Aluminum Housing Resistors In General

67 Published by at September 26,2021

When installing the aluminum shell resistor, just screw it up directly with screws. Pay attention to fixing the resistor and insulating it.

Before installing aluminum housing resistors, you should first check whether the selected resistance matches the equipment, including: power, resistance, power-on duration, and other parameters. When wiring, use a bridge to detect the resistance and total resistance of each resistor. The specified value deviation scale should be within ±5%. And accurately connect the data on the resistance meter provided by the manufacturer.

Before the formal operation, perform a computer test on the aluminum housing resistor to measure whether the temperature change is within the controllable range of the resistance. The temperature is better than 250 degrees. If the temperature is higher or the running time is longer, the heat dissipation system can be added: such as heat dissipation. Chips, cooling fans, etc.


Regularly clean the dust and metal oxides on the aluminum housing resistance element to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect. Regularly check whether the aluminum shell resistance is damaged or short-circuited, whether the insulating porcelain can be destroyed, whether the fastening screws can be loosened, and regularly measure the resistance to ground. The resistance should be greater than 0.5MΩ.

During operation, check whether the resistor is overheated. When the temperature of each aluminum housing resistor is higher than 300°C, please consider increasing the power of the resistor to less than 100°C. It shows that the resistor capacity is sufficient.

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