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The cause of leakage failure of ceramic capacitor - News

The cause of leakage failure of ceramic capacitor

573 Published by at November 02,2019

Ceramic capacitors are also known as ceramic capacitors or monolithic capacitors. With the development of technology, the demand for ceramic capacitors is constantly increasing. The quality of ceramic capacitors is constantly pursued by everyone, keeping up with the pace of the times and improving quality. The content of this article is to analyze the cause of leakage failure of ceramic capacitors.

       ceramic capacitor 2kv 471k

1. The presence of holes in the ceramic medium means that there are large holes in the dielectric layer between adjacent electrodes. These holes may contain water vapor or ions inside, and when the voltage is applied between the terminal electrodes, the compressive strength is lowered. This caused an electrical breakdown to occur here.

2.Improper control of the sintering process can result in intermittent electrode particles in the layer, which are related to the capacitor production process.

3.In actual use, various temperature shocks tend to generate thermal stress. The main distribution of cracks generated by thermal stress is the ceramics near the two sides of the terminal electrode. The common form of cracks is through the porcelain. After these cracks are generated, the capacitor is insulated. The resistance is reduced and the capacitor is disabled.

1kv 471k ceramic capacitor

The leakage failure of ceramic capacitors is related to the manufacturing process. Therefore, manufacturers who choose ceramic capacitors should choose quality assurance to avoid unnecessary trouble. If you have technical questions, please contact us and try to solve the problem for you. Free sample testing, physical factory, looking forward to your visit.

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